Coq au vin

á la Robert

It is impossible to deny what we have already learned. It was not for nothing that Robert learned to chop, slice, dice, filet, blanch and sauté from the ground up. In Austria and internationally, in kitchens that meant the world to him. Whenever he is on tour with his family – at one of his four places of enjoyment – one thing is for certain: His loved-ones will always have to tolerate his irresistible urge to reach for a kitchen spoon. Along with the hours-long cooking processes in beautifully equipped kitchens. Even though the finest eateries are lurking right around the corner. But what can you do? After all, you can’t simply lock passion into a glass jar and put it on a shelf. Barely has the flame on the stovetop begun to flicker, than the stories follow, about regional ingredients, the charming vegetable vendor in the quarter, food-preparation tricks, and the merits of (in this case) French cuisine. But waiting has its rewards. Finally, there it is smack dab in the middle of the table. A casserole of mouthwatering coq au vin.

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