Not only do we tick differently – our watches do too.

Viennese cosiness

You will feel it!

Whether you want it or not, you will feel itand be embraced by it. You will hardly be able to escape the charming cosiness of our hotel. Behind the facades of the Gründerzeithaus, you will feel how time runs a little bit slower. The hustle and bustle of everyday life has to wait outside. We see it in the way our guests talk and walk. Everything is a little quieter and more serene. While yesterday there was still the demanding pace of everyday work, and just a while ago outside, there was the hectic discovery run of the Viennese sights, now, in the protection of the Beletage, as if by magic, serenity absorbs the mind and the body. The guests suddenly have time again; they stroll through the building; they chat in the Altwiener café right next to the reception; they stop by the library on their way to the bar; or they relax and let the day gently pass in the garden. With good conversations and with nice thoughts.

Il gardino. Der Garten. Le jardin.

The garden

Whether they are American, French, British, German or Austrian .... they rave about it. Because they wouldn’t have expected it. Therefore quite a few people answer our question, what surprised them most in the Beletage, just like this: The garden, il gardino ...

8mm was yesterday.

Cinematic theatre á la Hollmann is today.

Many wonder: Why? “Because we can” is the answer of Robert Hollmann, trained actor, chef and non-hotelier. “Because it’s fun and good taste – in combination with the fragrant popcorn*, which is served free of charge for the screenings in the cinematic theatre. Or as the good old Karl Farkas use to say, “Just look at this”.

Infusion please!

Our little spa

As soon as the outside temperatures drop below our body temperatures – which means almost always – the hot chamber lurks in Hollmann's Beletage. To heat you up vigorously. For all those who can never be hot enough. Pure spa paradise.

Man does not live on bread alone.


From time to time, people should play games. This is even written in the Bible. Or something like that. Or maybe just a little bit different. Doesn’t matter. Bread and games for all those who like to fast a little and do without online videos and apps for a while. In our games room we have turned the walls into true playgrounds. Felt surfaces house game classics such as chess, checkers or backgammon and invite you to vertical pleasure. What makes us particularly happy, that not only families and their children find a playful pastime here, but also that even “ordinary adults” are caught again and again indulging in this gouging of a different kind. Good thing ambition can’t be drafted on the upwardly open Richter scale. ;-)

Our rooms

Very large, compact and timeless

Residenz XL

35 M² - 3 People

The rooms feature 30 – 35 m2, shower over bath, and all kinds of comfort......

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Extra large, for those who need more space

Suite Séparée

95 M² - 4 People

Luxurious living and private receptions, all on a playing area of 95 m² with special highlights.......

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Our offers

from €

Book 4 nights during the week and pay only 3 of them. Of course, with our outstanding Hollmann breakfast.......

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A city trip to Vienna during the winter months …. Brrr! But, why not? Winter time in Vienna can be really magical. Stay 3 nights and...

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