Valuable people
who remain loyal to us

Ha! Ha!

Fun is never forgotten!

The team at Hollmann Beletage could not be more diverse. Here a great variety of character come together, humans with many years of working experience as well as young people, who are taking their first steps in the work environment. What connects them? The passion for their profession – being a host.

At Hollmann Beletage everyone may play a part in the development of our offer. Only being-with-one-another, the fusion of the different point of views, the fiddling about new ideas makes this venue to the Viennese place of entertainment it is. At Hollmann Beletage we believe that too many cooks will not spoil the broth, but make it great instead!

We are very proud about having this wonderful versatile team. A team, consisting of people who could not be more different from each other and still is so harmonious and sticking together. A team, that is never forgetting the fun at work and encountering itself with so much appreciation and open arms.

So emotional

To show one's human side

Everyone, who was already visiting Hollmann Beletage, knows what we are talking about. This feeling you feel when entering the hotel. This special, cozy atmosphere which is capturing you even before being welcomed by one of the employees. Arriving is almost like coming home.

How this is possible, you ask yourself? Well, it is so easy: we are not only crazy for our guests, but most importantly also crazy for our lovely colleagues!

The most beautiful thing is, that they do not only want to fulfill every guest’s wish, but also know all the preferences of their colleagues. It’s the small things like knowing the favorite type of coffee or potential intolerances. “Don’t forget me” messages on post-it’s before leaving for a holiday, the heartfelt hugs at the reunion afterwards and the (almost) constant laughter through the house.

You can feel this.

Because we care

Our values

Actually, it is very simple. What we do, we do consciously. With consideration. For our environment and for our fellow humans. We thrive to act as sustainable as possible and not only in the ecological way. Sustainability means employing our team for many years, having a great number of regular guests and also maintaining a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with our suppliers.

We value high-quality products and take as much pleasure in the small details around the house as our guests do. We want to create authentic experiencespaired with honest human encounters. For that we take time. We enjoy receiving feedback and take it as motivation to further improve our processes, to eliminate stressful moments so that we are able to preserve the pleasant and appreciative working climate. We are aware of the different needs of each person and try to cater for those.

We are especially proud about a thing or two. Including that all our managerial position lie in women's hands.

Crazy Advantages

Working at Beletage

Since Hollmann Beletage is a place where the extraordinary becomes ordinary, of course there are many great all-inclusives waiting for our team. Just see for yourself:

  • Wages above the industry standard
  • Freshly cooked lunch for free
  • Coffee, tea and snacks
  • Wiener Linien annual pass (public transportation)
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Different working time models
  • Celebration of each employee’s birthday including a voucher specifically selected for you :)
  • Education and trainings
  • Who wants to is able to improve his/her skills inter-divisional
  • Team events and excursions
  • No empty promises, but honesty and a friendly ear for your matters
  • The loveliest guests far and wide!

Our job adverts

We are only looking for German-speaking team members. If that’s the case for you, come and have a look at our job offers here.

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