Hollmann on the Adriatic - Trieste


The City of the Four Winds

Trieste, the city of the four winds, is a metropolis with many different faces. It is here that the sea lanes end which, for centuries, brought goods, people and cultures from the entire Mediterranean region to the upper neck of the Adriatic. For centuries, Trieste was the gateway to Central Europe from the Orient. And since time immemorial, travelers have been happy to settle down here. Have sought out personal encounters with the Mediterranean, have allowed themselves to be inspired… or have simply relaxed and unwound, wafted by fresh breezes and warmed by the south.

Brittle Beauty – the secrets of the Karst

Excursions to the Karst bring out the explorer in holidaymakers – so much of the beauty of its terrain, which appears so rugged and inaccessible at first glance, is only revealed after you take a much closer look, after you allow your curiosity to penetrate beyond the surface. Since the border with Slovenia was opened, the Karst has been restored into a single continuous area and become far more accessible. The sturdy stone churches in the hinterland of this stretch of coast hold intriguing treasures, including the Dance of Death fresco in Hrastovlje. A little farther inland, the Grotte di Postumia caves outside Postojna as well as the Lipica stud farm, home of the Lipizzaner horses, are both popular attractions.
One of the most intriguing secrets of the Karst are its subterranean rivers, the precise course of which is only vaguely known. They feed, for example, the Lago del Doberdò, a karst lake that only sporadically fills with water and quickly dries up again. Particularly impressive and actually once even mentioned by Ovid: the Timavo, a substantial 700-meters-long river fed by nine spring ponds, flowing through a basin near San Giovanni in Tuba on its short journey to the Adriatic… south of Monfalcone, shortly before Duino, in other words a stone’s throw from Residenza Hollmann and always well worth an excursion.

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