BREAD ROLL SAFARI with Robert Hollmann


Starter, main course and dessert.

If you want to know why Robert Hollmann, who hates… oh, you already know what – but what you may not know yet is why his body mass index (BMI) is roughly estimated at 2% to 3% outside the usual bandwidth. Upwards. Could be four, too. Especially around Christmas and after Easter. But that’s a different story. Yes, Robert pursues two wonderful hobbies when he stays in the Beletage. He loves to go hunting. On a safari. On Shank’s pony through the city centre, to feast on its many delicious pleasures. Do the bread safari, or alternatively the ice safari. But the ice safari will come a little bit later.

Since a doctor he trusts (behind the scenes it is rumoured that this is his beloved wife who is a gynaecologist) has advised him to eat several smaller meals throughout the day instead of a big one, he has decided to put this advice into practice. Which led to the invention of the bread roll safari. And this is how it works: From the Beletage we make a brisk walk to the Trzesniewski, the fine food shop with the, as the name suggests, unspeakably delicious rolls. We snap 2 rolls, consume one right on the spot and refine it with a tiny little glass of beer. The second roll we devour on the go on our way to the next feast paradise.” Exercise is healthy”, says the doctor he trusts…

The next station

And soon we arrive at the Schwarze Kameel. There they not only have magnificent bread rolls and excellent liquid companions, but also two-legged companions who happily follow the principle of “see and be seen”. There, too, we take in a small meal only (again modest 2 bread rolls), as the doctor prescribed. And then we walk again, at a slapping or leisurely pace, to the final revelation, the Old Viennese bread roll institution called Duran. You will recognise it from far away. No, not because of its façade, but because of the horse-drawn “Fiaker” carriages standing in bunches in front of the restaurant. Not to wait for cash-rich passengers, but to enjoy a small beer or two, which is taken for refreshment because of its isotonic effect. The Fiaker coachmen do this, of course, not that you might come up with the thought that we…

Oh, now we almost forgot the 2 bread rolls that round off this culinary walk in a tasteful way. Which makes 3 courses – starter, main, and dessert. Well distributed across lunchtime and also very healthy thanks to the distance we walked.

„Viennese cuisine“


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