Recreational Activities and Excursions
in Sri Lanka

Cliff diving or deep-sea scuba?

Sri Lanka - a unique adventure

If you are looking for something you have never experienced before, if you want to push your limits and overcome new challenges, we have some great tips for you. Whether canoeing in a rushing river, hiking in the depths of the rain forest, wreck-diving in the Indian Ocean, staring straight into the eyes of leopards and elephants during an exciting safari – Sri Lanka has exactly what you are looking for!

Take advantage of the opportunity. Escape the grey daily routine, discover something new, explore the hidden treasures of this island!/p>

Charter your own sailboat and float past the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Experience the dolphins as they frolic in the waves or go snorkeling in secluded bays.

Discover the culture of Sri Lanka

The wealth of colors, the fragrances, the flavors, each an adventure in its own right, a compelling panoply.

Of course, tea has made quite a name for itself in Sri Lanka. Discover the tea plantations of old Ceylon.

During your cultural excursions through Sri Lanka, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the plantations and tea factories. If you are interested, it is also possible to pick your own tea, process it and, of course, taste it..

Wewurukannala Vihara

A calming yet compelling power certain to captivate you. An energy that flows through you as you pray. Visit one of the most beautiful temples in the region.

Located just a few kilometers from UTMT is a very special Buddhist temple. The Wewurukannala Vihara is a 50 m-tall statue of the Buddha, which you can also climb to the top of and enjoy breathtaking views across the tops of the palm trees. The lowest level of the temple is definitely not for the faint of heart. It features a depiction of Buddhist hell and all the punishments for your transgressions that await you in the afterlife.

Natur in Sri Lanka

The nature of Sri Lanka promises a breathtaking adventure. The pristineness of nature, the harmony of an animal kingdom living in freedom, the excitement of searching for leopards. Book a safari in Sri Lanka and experience this country’s astonishing nature for yourself. Yala National Park and Udawalawa National Park are both bookable as full- or half-day excursions respectively.

27 m-long and weighing around 100 tons, yet still able to glide graciously through the dark-blue ocean. Set out on a whale-watching tour in search of the world’s biggest mammals.

Watch as baby turtles break out of their eggs on one of the nearby beaches.

Take a boat tour and observe the fascinating flora and fauna that thrives on Koggala Lake.

One of the last virgin rainforests on our planet, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, Sinharaja Rainforest in the southwest of Sri Lanka. Enjoy a guided tour that will give you an opportunity to marvel at a species-rich world of plants and animals. Dive into the crystal-clear pool of a waterfall in the middle of the jungle. An unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Sri Lanka’s land and its people

Sandy bays and brilliantly blue water, fine sand between your toes, palm trees overhanging the shore, the gentle music of the surf that bewitches you. You don’t have to be on the Maldives to see all of this. On the secluded beaches of Sri Lanka, you will quickly forget the rest of the world. We will be happy to show you the most beautiful places close to our UTMT hotel in Dikwella in the south of the island.

Spices that are certain to set foodies’ pulses racing in anticipation. Market stands that buckle under the weight of fruit in abundance, fishermen who, early in the morning, transform the port into a seafood bazaar. Beautiful buildings that evoke colonial times. Fishermen who, perched on poles in the ocean, keep old traditions alive. Families who, in their front garden, entice you with the fragrance of a simple curry. Experience the friendliness and openness of the people. Get to know Sri Lanka up close and personal.

Have a driver take you to the surrounding towns and villages, for example to Tangalle, Matara, to the fish market in Dondra, or to the weekly market in Dickwella. Utterly relaxed, saunter down the busy streets of Galle between colonial houses, small jewelry shops and antique dealers. And of course, numerous historic hotels and cafés invite you to sample some of Ceylon’s most outstanding teas.

The colonial town of Galle

Probably no other town in Sri Lanka offers such a wealth of historic buildings as Galle. In the Dutch fort, which is over 350 years old and sticks out into the Indian Ocean like a tongue, it is as if entire streets have miraculously escaped the passage of time. Whether ancient churches, historic buildings or massive fortifications – everywhere you go, you are reminded of the era when Galle was an important port city. In addition to the street merchants hawking their goods, from time to time you will also catch sight of daredevils who get their kicks cliff-diving from the Flag Rock Bastion.

Stroll along narrow alleys between restored colonial buildings, antique dealers and small jewelry shops. The numerous historic hotels and cafés invite you to sample some of Ceylon’s very best teas.

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