in UTMT Sri Lanka

Velvety nights.
And the eternal ocean.

Our stories

You were in Paris, Vienna and at the Turracher Höhe, you have eaten truffles in the Karst, now you yearn for the murmur of the ocean, palm leaves swaying in the wind, a complete pampering, and escaping completely. Those were the thoughts that went through Robert Hollmann’s head, and he was crazy enough to go ahead and build himself a small village for his timeouts in Asia. Also, so that his guests are able to share some of his joy in the Asiatic lifestyle with that idiosyncratic Hollmann twist. Ayurveda, yoga, or simply daydream and do nothing at all? Excursions, visits to temples and markets, national parks, and a cocktail at sunset with ocean view. He was crazy enough to build his paradise in the south of Sri Lanka and constantly looks forward to being with others who are also primed to indulge themselves wholeheartedly and completely.

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