Residing in a hut village
on the Turracher Höhe

The huts, the forest, alpine pastures and stars

Three types, each with character

This is how carpenters on the Turracher Höhe have always built their granaries … almost. Solid pine, skillfully worked by hand… today’s difference: between the wood on the inside (heart-warmingly cozy) and the wood on the outside (perfectly integrated into the natural setting), a layer of insulation guarantees pleasant temperatures regardless of the season.

But they also branch off the well-trodden path: with huts conceived as towers. The same principle as in Manhattan or San Gimignano also applies on the Turracher Höhe: for lots of space on a compact footprint, you have to go tall. With every floor in every hut delightfully unexpected, though always “original Hollmann”: lovingly appointed, full of charming ideas and surprises. And with the comforts of a suite beneath the stars. Many stars. Those above the Turracher Höhe sparkle especially brightly. In other words, a holiday for the sophisticated traveler..

We wish you an enjoyable stay!

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