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Our All-Inclusives

We are crazy for you

Do you find reading a hotel’s list of all-inclusives every bit as boring as we do? What’s that? You don’t bother reading them at all? Congratulations, same here. After all, in most cases they are pretty predictable anyhow. Which is also the reason – especially since we are very definitely #crazyforyou –we tend to dig a little deeper into our own bag of tricks when it comes to the things we want to include for you. So that it actually will be worth your while going through one of those lists again. And more importantly, whetting your appetite at the prospect of enjoying every single item.


Did you know, for example, that once a week, the friendly Barber of Seville – oops, of Dickwella, to be precise – pays us a visit to pamper ladies’ hair-dos and to trim the occasional gentleman’s beard? Does it make you hungry when you contemplate our breakfasts – with a “Good Morning Menu” laced with all kinds of exotic and continental temptations that, all freshly prepared, practically leap right onto your plate? And let’s not forget our cinema, Robert’s personal tribute to the big world of motion pictures, where, suitably armed with a bag of popcorn, you can take in up to 3 movies daily comfortably ensconced on original 1970s cinema seating. To be quite honest, 80 % of our guests shake their heads at the very mention of this offer: Movie-going in the tropics? But the remaining 20 % love it, and love us for it.

„Beauty in fullbloom, reflected in you“

stick in your bottle and plopp.....

At this point, we could go ahead and lull you into a deep slumber with endlessly long lines describing our amenities, such as the selection of books in our library, the seductive fragrances of teatime, the 4 kinds of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and lotion in small, original bottles … ok, this is where we originally wanted to end the text, but we briefly need to digress, since many people (especially the guys, and we think we know why) find it so enjoyable: The fun bottles containing these fine ingredients are, just like little beer bottles, sealed with classic bottle caps. And because we want you to access the fine elixirs quickly and unimpeded, an antique bottle opener is permanently installed into the wall itself, so that you (thanks, fellas!) can stick in your bottle and pshhh – no – plop – open it with a gentle flick of the wrist.
Now we have that out of our system, we really will wind things up. Please excuse the digression – unfortunately, it’s just something we get so much joy from sharing with prospective guests.
Everything else, tailored to your needs and interests, can be read right here, presented all neat and tidy in beautiful tabular form.


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Our accommodations

Between mangroves and palm trees.

Double room

35 M² - 2 People

Room with balcony for 2 persons incl. half-board, our all-inclusives as well as taxes.......

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Between mangroves and palm trees.

Pool Room

35 M² - 2 People

Room with roof terrace and private pool, for 2 persons incl. half-board, our all-inclusives as well as taxes.......

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with pool and terrace


65 M² - 2 People

Our villas are a perfect home-away-from-home for 2 persons looking for ample space and a private setting, as well as for families of up to 4 persons.......

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Ideal for families


65-100 M² - 4 People

for 4 adults with half-board, our all-inclusives as well as taxes......

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A view of the Indian Ocean

Grand Villa

200 M² - 6 People

The ultimate UTMT refuge with its own pool. 3 separate bedrooms at this holiday villa in Sri Lanka provide plenty of room for up to 6 adults. Ideal for groups and families....

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