Ice cream safari with Robert Hollmann


Sweet teeth

We have no idea if you are a culinary and touristic newcomer, or whether you read everything orderly and in sequence, as we Viennese people do. Let us assume that you too adhere correctly to the alphabetical order when reading. Hence, we suspect that you have already completed your reading about the bread safari described above, because, yes, “I” for “ice cream safari” comes after the “B” for “bread roll safari”. And so, we are now embarking on new paths. Cautious people might think that we are now venturing out onto thin ice, with the “ice cream safari.”

That’s appropriate. Now we could write again about Robert Hollmann, who fights his way through the urban jungle without fear, all year round, (okay, that’s slightly exaggerated), to stay on the trail of freezing-cold enticements. If you are just as much of a sweet tooth as he is, then it is advisable to follow his paths. They might look, for example, like this:

What do you associate with ice and cold? Right, the Northern countries. What do we find in the north? Sweden. Hot track. You should definitely walk from the hotel to the Schwedenplatz (translated: Sweden Square), to the legendary Molin-Pradel. Where ice cream is stirred as a family tradition since 1886.

And how well they do it! Robert just fails to scurry past this cathedral of gelato without taking away at least one scoop.

A scoop in a cone

Holding a cone in the hand is a good way to walk through this country. Or the city. Because on the horizon soon appears the sign at Tuchlauben (house number 15), saying “Super Strawberry Cup”, and the pedometer gives way to the calorie counter, due to the short distance. And therefore, the cup must stay where it is, and again we take only one scoop in a cone, which will be muzzled away pleasantly by the time we reach the Eis-Greissler in the Rothenturmstraße, to obtain the final scoop. What do we learn from this? It’s smarter to do 3 x 1 than 1 x 3 in a cup.

Basically, we are already done with our ice safari story. But Robert desperately wants to get something off his chest. Well then, “Vienna certainly has the world’s best ice cream – that’s easily said, but I can also give you the reason why. It is here, in this city, where the world-famous Viennese confectionery arts meet the Italian gelato expertise, which has been masterfully represented for centuries. The result is unique and should definitely be tasted. Otherwise I’ll have to eat it all myself.”

PS to our little readers: Don’t forget to brush your teeth.

„Habe die Ehre“


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