Robert Hollmann and his Vienna Hotel

His breakfast idea


There aren’t many things that drive me, Robert Hollmann, up the wall. A modest three come to mind. Firstly, if the ladies, gentlemen and climbing belts motivate me and they bet against me at our UTMT Place of Entertainment in Sri Lanka – then it can happen that I might try to climb up a wall – or rather a palm tree, to finally get one of those refreshing coconuts myself. Secondly, when friends or bad acquaintances call me a “hotelier”, although hotels are an atrocity to me. And thirdly, yes, when guests complain that we forgo classic breakfast buffets and don’t define our “Good Morning” qualities in metre lengths of a buffet, but in freshness, outlandishness, personality and originality. Sometimes we even invent a preparation ourselves. For the guest. Against hunger. For the appetite. Against the culinary boredom in the morning.

Elsewhere we have mentioned the fact that tribal colleagues or fellow professionals from other hotels like to meet at our place in order to nibble on our delicious pleasures in the morning on the sly. Here they take advantage of breakfast variations that taste better than homemade. Our chef puts great effort into his work and the food must be to his liking.  It is a very different kind of breakfast experience (let me only say “soup pot for breakfast”, and that is just the beginning) – and certainly different from what you eat at home or are used to when travelling. The proof is in the pudding. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And that daily until 11.30am. Then the oven turns off.


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