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The people here in Trieste love the sea. They jump right in and take a swim when- and wherever the opportunity presents itself. And indeed, they can do just that many months out of the year. And after their swim, you will see them perched along the seawall of the Litorale, “prendere il sole”. Having their own personal spot on the beach is one of the most valuable privileges someone in Trieste can have.
Residenza Hollmann offers this privilege – in the form of a private beach open around the clock. In the mood to get in a wake-up swim before breakfast? Go for it. To cast off your clothing in the moonlight and allow yourself to be embraced by the sea? Nobody is looking. The swim dock invites you to sunbathe, lounge chairs to doze … and the outdoor showers bid “Ciao!” to the saltwater.
And who knows, perhaps something tasty will bite as the kids dangle their rods over the water. Resulting in a simply splendid grill party on the terrace. Or perhaps a local fisherman will take us out to sea with him.


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Located amid the steep karst cliffs not far from Castello di Miramare was an idyllic nest, out of which we were able to carve a typical Hollmann refuge.......

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