Crazy for Sustainability

Sustainable beliefs

With our hearts and our heads

Three of our four places of entertainment are located in the heart of glorious nature. They are supported by the pulse of Mother Earth. On the Turracher Höhe, near Trieste and in faraway Sri Lanka. They show us gently every day what great gifts we are privileged to receive. And which we must preserve. Give and take, think in cycles, operate sustainably and regionally. Because once again, everything else is so yesterday. That's also why we are taking deliberate steps at the Beletage here in Vienna to keep our and your holiday footprints as small as possible. Please help us. It doesn't hurt - and yet it achieves so much. Many thanks.

Water. It doesn't get any fresher than this. and completely pure.

We're tackling plastic

Many of our guests who come to us from all over the world can hardly believe it. That they can gargle with pleasure after brushing their teeth and slurp heartily when taking a shower. Our Viennese water. From the "Pippn". Meaning our water pipes. Plastic bottles? "Not for me, not for us!"

Can we entrust the little secret of the great quality of water to you? The Styrians are as pleased as punch that Viennese water is genuinely Styrian. The fresh, crystal-clear water has been carried to Vienna via two 150 km-long high-spring pipelines for more than 150 years. 220 million litres as day. I wonder if the Styrians will have to make up for this big loss with Welschriesling wine?

PS: Briefly on the subject of plastic again: disposable plastic is banned here: "It has to stay outside", so to speak. An example? Refillable cosmetic dispensers.

Abstaining from room cleaning creates life

Planting makes real sense

For some time now, we've had a pretty green deal with our guests. That fauna and flora, people and nature, guests and bees all benefit.

How it works? When a guest chooses to forgo room cleaning once, twice or entirely during their stay, the world out there breathes a tiny bit more easily. And for longer. Through our partnership with Wald4Leben in Lower Austria, we plant one square metre of flowering meadow for every room that is not cleaned. Step by step, with your help, we're taking small steps that leave traces behind. The right ones.

So far we planted 44 trees and 310 square metres flowering meadow.

We should get to know each other

Breakfast. It doesn't get more sustainable than this

We don't price our breakfast in linear metres. And certainly not in buffet kilometres. We focus on quality, quality, quality. Breakfast that claims the attributes "sustainable & healthy" and a few simple letters: ORGANIC. We would like to provide you as hosts with a golden standard so that you can eat naturally well. And because breakfast is a) the most important meal of the day and b) there is so much more to tell you about our regional breakfast, we have dedicated an entire page to that. You better have a look yourself. All we have to say is: it's a 99% organic certified breakfast.

Valuable people who remain loyal to us

How many souls does one house need?

Our employees. The hearts and souls in the Beletage in Vienna. Charming companions and cheeful masters of all practicalities and eventualities. We are fortunate to be able to have gathered around us many long-standing, loyal people who are committed to looking for what is right, what is lef, up and down, and definitely to looking after you. Wherever possible, we try to bring them to your attetion. And give them a hand. With the roster arrangements, cool training and development opportunities, benefits and many other things. Flexibility and humanity. Offering a sympathetic ear for bigger and smaller concerns. And who wants to, is invited to give his/her personal touch to the Hollmann Beletage. Because it is only with the colorful mix of different people who all share the same passion, that this hotel becomes the special place - a place of entertainment - it is. It's also a small contribution to sustainability if you can smile at familiar faces again and again as a regular guest.

All kinds of things in all kinds of senses

Small flocks also make a mess

So, thank you for reading and helping us out. For the sake of our planet, which we have already screwed up more than enough. Here are our last bits and pieces to add:

    We're all mouth, with big trousers: We buy locally. Regionally, breathing in some fresh air. When buying delicious Punkschkrapferl cake from the Heiner confectionery - the pink bundle of joy waiting for you as a welcome gift.
    "Wool" you let me in? We source the wool for our blankets and cushions from the traditional loden manufacturer Steiner in Salzburg. It doesn't get more authentic than this.
    _ex2025: To be completely free of detergent. By 2025. We already use micro steam cleaners, which significantly reduces the use of cleaning agents.
    Slip Slidin' Away What sounds like Paul Simon at first glance is also a hit at second sight. We're getting rid of disposable slippers to reduce the mountain of waste. One hit wonder? Not with us. Psssst! You forgot to bring your own pair of slippers? No worries, in that case we will still provide you with them.

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