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Breakfast in our Viennese Place of Entertainment is not a bitter battle for the last croissant, but a culinary delight in several acts. A performance. Or seduction? The experience actually begins when you enter the small but excellent breakfast room. Our temporary residents are greeted warmly and individually before they are led to the table.

This is followed by a generous selection of food and beverages in the form of a menu, which varies over a 3-day cycle. In honor of the Hollmann places of entertainment in Vienna, Trieste and on the Turrach, local delicacies are served on the plates. In the in-house tableware, the foundation stone of the multifaceted breakfast is first served, such as a regional cheese ans sausage platter, fantastic coffee from Lake Millstatt in all imaginable forms, a variety of regional breads and pastries, and freshly pressed fruit juice. You might think that this is it, but we are just getting started.


The main act

"Come on, let's feast" is the motto when, depending on the day of the week, one of three themed boards, actually etageres, come to your table to offer people with good taste delicacies from three regions in which other Hollmann places are located.

The treats for the plate "Turrach" present themeselves spicy, hearty but extremely fine. With smoked meat, farmer's ham, bacon, mountain cheese, Styrian egg dishes and last but not least a Carinthian Reindling. Do you already have appetite for our three gentle giants, these idiosyncratic, exclusive three "huts" with such a strong character on the Turracherhöhe? The great freedom included?

Our Trieste creation gives you Mediterranean vibes. Stocked with prosciutto crudo, tomato-mozzarella, frittata Triestina and torta al cioccolato. Yes, we can already hear the sound of the sea even from Vienna. And oh my dream about spending a day or two at Hollmann's Residenza in Trieste by the sea with a private jetty. Let's call for Aperol Spritz!

Or would you prefer a Viennese breakfast in Vienna? What does that mean at Hollmann? What does that mean for you? Mmmmhhh maybe you can already smell the smell of freshly baked marmble cake or the irresistible long plaited brioche. Or you long fo a traditional Viennese Fiaker-Goulash - guaranteed without horsemeat. Or do you rather have delicious Beinschinken (one of the finest cooked hams you can get) of the very best quality and many other delicacies that will make your taste buds ring?

Heart, what do you want more? Do you want more? For real? Alright. We still have one. And every day. The connection between East and West. The Viennese chicken ramen. Another crazy thing from Robert. Chicken soup with pancakes, vegetables, soft eggs, spring onions, chives and a lot more.


The offensive back-three

A main course for breakfast? With us this is nothing extraordinary. We offer a seasonal smorgasbord of Viennese delicacies, egg dishes and homemade desserts, which can be easily adapted to the needs and wishes of our house guests. Whether it’s a tasty vegetable omelette, a classic soft-boiled egg or a slice of Viennese Leberkäse meatloaf – your wish is our command.

Those who like it a little more fancy choose our daily changing “egg of the day”, a special egg creation of our breakfast chef. If you want to pass away the time while waiting for your individual dish, you can watch our chef preparing it. The open show kitchen opens up insights into the art of cooking, and tips & tricks are happily passed on to our guests. Like when you visit friends.

Nibble, nibble, gnaw

Muesli, bread & Co.

Not only Hansel and Gretel love crispy snacks. For those with small appetites there is our small, self-service buffet, with a rich selection of cereals, creamy yoghurts, fresh farmer’s bread and finely sliced fruit salad.

But what would a fluffy loaf of bread be without the right topping? Choose from homemade, seasonal jams, fantastic bee honey or the well-known chocolate hazelnut spread that delights the palate and the soul. You certainly know the phrase, “It’s my one and only treat.” Accordingly, we put a bottle of prosecco on ice every day.

Sweet seduction

Grand Finale

From “A” for “apple strudel” to “Z” for “zesty lemon tart”, the patisserie does by no means come up short. To top off the meal, we like to create our own “dessert of the day”, for example in the form of a mug cake with a soft chocolate core, a wafer-thin crepe with homemade jams or a lovely piece of Viennese apple strudel.

Varied, fresh and simply delicious are the preferred attributes for our sweet delicacies. You will learn that our ultimate goal is the bliss of our esteemed guests, by all legal and forbidden means. Served every day with full dedication.

Caffe vom See

Our coffee brand from Lake Millstatt

“The coffee is ready” tunes the frivolously gentle song by Peter Cornelius, the time-honoured Viennese pop music artist, who has awakened not only his beloved but the whole of Austria with these words over and over again. His declaration of love, his reminiscence of this deliciously seductive beverage, is given a very special meaning in the Beletage. It is celebrated, idolised, with the cups proverbially presented on silver tablets. And what few people know is that it is called “the coffee from the Lake”. Hardly anyone would suspect the great Carinthian craftmanship behind this heavenly stretch of water. In Millstatt am See, the 100% Arabica beans are refined by the Helml brothers who understand their craft. You can smell and taste it. Italian espresso paired with Austrian sophistication – so it comes to the table to enchant your digestion.

MEATLOAF? as a snack


Most of you, who have already indulged in this caprice of nature called Leberkäse, produced by the craftsmanship of master butchers, probably won’t know that with this piece of Old Viennese tradition, you have laid hands on a piece of neighing and not oinking origin. Surely you have heartily devoured it, flanked with mustard on a crispy “Semmerl” (bread roll) and wondered about its name, which literally means “liver cheese”? The smart and honourable Viennese people will forever defend “their” horse meat Leberkäse, which has been a tradition for centuries and is now experiencing a renaissance. Not without reason horse meat is nowadays considered a delicacy and not only in Vienna.

Why are we telling you all of this? Because we are offering this fine cuisine – all inclusive and basically for free – to our guests at our “Original Altwiener Leberkäse-Jausenstation“ (Original Old Viennese Leberkäse Snack Station) to enjoy in the afternoons. And because our meat Leberkäse goes well with drinks, we wash it down with freshly tapped Ottakringer Helles beer. Enjoy the meal and cheers as long as the stock lasts.

During these hot days we offer a summer edition of our snack station. There is different kinds of homemade desserts or cakes, fruit and homemade ice-tea. Much more refreshing anyway.

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