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RESIDENZA - The explorer’s discovery.

Robert Hollmann, unconventional globetrotter with a fine antenna for the extra-ordinary, has gotten to know many houses on the sea in his time. And, like so many travelers, dreamed of a seaside hideaway to call his own. Ideally, requiring the shortest flight possible and far removed from the tourist masses. When a Hollmann dreams, there’s a really good chance something concrete will come out of it. And indeed it did.

The picturesque cape not far from Trieste, upon which the Habsburgs built their Castello di Miramare, was already spoken for. However, not far from there I managed to find an idyllic nest amid the steep karst cliffs, out of which I was able to carve a typical Hollmann refuge. So that many others would be able to live out their own dream of a house on the sea as well. At least for a time. For romantic timeouts. Times filled with purest enjoyment … encapsulated in just two words: dolce vita.

“Head-first into your holidays”

Hollmann Residenza

Your home on the sea


120 M² - 6 People

Located amid the steep karst cliffs not far from Castello di Miramare was an idyllic nest, out of which we were able to carve a typical Hollmann refuge.......

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Hollmann on the Sea


Residenza Hollmann in the karst cliffs near Trieste presents visitors with the key to discover the countless secrets of the city and surrounding region. Or simply to kick back unashamedly. A shot of pure freedom with a splash of the sea, so to speak …

Here, as with the other Hollmann houses, people with an aversion to cramped hotel rooms, people who love to allow their eyes to roam towards the horizon and simply go with the holiday flow, are able to find a home-far-from-home. Our “Hollmann on the Sea” is perfect for those who want to spend their holidays away from the well-trodden paths, keep to the beat of their own rhythm, and who have a subtle appreciation for the pulse of the tides. For those who want to spend their holidays by the water, without being packed like sardines into crowded beaches. Who want to go swimming at daybreak before breakfast and at night in the moonlight, who love to observe a sea iridescent in all colors of the rainbow. And for those who have always dreamed of being able to have a garden with private beach access to call their own. “Hollmann am Meer” – your momentary house by the sea – for an unforgettable time.

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