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Rimini Blue

Blue is an accent color and common thread throughout Residenza Hollmann … the associations are quite obvious, here in the land of the Azzurri. With respect to the interior of the Residenza, we should note that the color harbors many a tale. The blue lamps, for example. These original ships lamps were bought by Robert Hollmann at an antique shop on Ibiza, painstakingly restored in Klagenfurt, now lighting up the beach and the pines. The bases of the lamps in the apartments were originally the “Rimini Blue” vases of Italian ceramicist Bitossi, which Robert Hollmann immediately snapped up and refunctioned.

I design rooms for enjoyment and comfort!

True to his motto “I don’t furnish hotels, I design rooms for enjoyment and comfort”, none of the furniture in the ultra-cozy living room/kitchen is mass-produced. It comes from Sri Lanka, where the Hollmanns were busy rediscovering and reinventing themselves at the time – transforming from stage actor and confectioner to a passionate host, for whom conventional hotels are an abomination.

„Mr. Hollmann, the details!“


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Located amid the steep karst cliffs not far from Castello di Miramare was an idyllic nest, out of which we were able to carve a typical Hollmann refuge.......

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