Invigorated by the southern sun

Trieste in spring and summer

All life pulsates in the outdoors

It can turn quite hot in Trieste. How marvelous, then, when you are able to enjoy your own beach. Dive headfirst into the cool, wet water. Rotate your sun umbrella from time to time, so as to prolong your enjoyment of dolce far niente in the shade. In the late afternoon, the city begins to come to life. The gelatieri vie to create the most refined flavor nuances. Now is the time to shop and saunter down the street with an air of elegance. Speaking of elegance, the restaurant chefs are busy taking full advantage of the fresh catch brought into port, so that later, passersby are destined to succumb to the seductive smells wafting out from the restaurants and osterias … buon appetito!
And when summer nights at Residenza Hollmann heat up, that has nothing to do with the temperatures … Air-conditioning in the bedrooms guarantees a cool, relaxing night’s sleep.

Azzurro …

A good month earlier than in Central Europe, springtime covers the countryside around Trieste with a fresh, green carpet. People head out to the Karst region in droves so as to collect herbs and wild asparagus – welcome additions to the local dinner fare. The street cafés fill up, the plazas begin to come back to life, people show themselves and wish to be seen. They have already waited far too long to cut a “bella figura” in the newest fashions. And if you, too, are fortunate enough to experience a Trieste springtime at Residenza Hollmann, you will be able to stretch out on a lounger on the terrace or your private swim dock, and get your sunbathing season off to an early start.

Not unimportant: The fresh, healthy sea air is free of allergens, while dust particles are an alien concept here on this sea exposed to the four winds.

„Inhale the south. “


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