A unique setting

Turracher Höhe in Summer

Forests, pastures and lakes

High summer on the Turracher Höhe – on this high plateau at roughly 1800 m above sea level, forests, alpine pastures and lakes provide a setting that is unique in so many regards. One remarkable feature: the low pollen levels in the fresh air of the Turracher Höhe, thanks to broad pine forests whose dimensions are unique in all of Europe. An absolute boon for allergy sufferers, especially in early summer.

The hiking paths lead through shady forests and over the gentle grassy-domed tops of the Nockberge mountains. Marvelous MTB trails draw bikers up into the mountains, with or without the extra impetus provided by a silent electric motor. At these elevations, Nordic walkers work cardiovascular wonders for themselves. The Nocky Flitzer, an Alpine coaster and major Turrach highlight, promises heart-in-mouth moments and a giant grin on your face once you get off at the bottom of the hill.

Working off excess energy, Alpine-style

The kids are greeted by Nockys Almzeit, which is a fun time-themed walking path past seven interactive stations. Time … it’ll never be plentiful enough, especially on the Turracher Höhe in summer. Panning for precious gems and sluicing for gold, exploring the idyllic nature of the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve … and last but far from least, those big, bustling Carinthian swimming lakes that are barely a stone’s throw away.

How nice it is, after such a whirlwind of a day, that Robert Hollmann has installed his “crazy Hideaways” in the high forest, where the loudest noise you hear in the evening is the murmur of the wind amid the canopy of the larch forest.

Who will be happier here? Inveterate loafers or active holidaymakers who are perpetually in motion? Robert Hollmann is of the mind: It’s a tie … extra-time will be needed!

„ Throwback summer getaways“


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