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Peace and tranquility

SPA treatments in Sri Lanka

With the aid of our personal selection of massages and beauty treatments, our therapists will help you to be as deeply and completely relaxed as possible during your holidays in Sri Lanka at our UTMT Hotel.

In addition to several treatment rooms, our spa area also features relaxation zones, while the 25 m swimming pool invites you to enjoy a refreshing dip or even a “serious” workout during your wellness vacation.

We also welcome guests who don’t happen to be staying at UTMT Spa & Beach Hotel in Dikwella, Sri Lanka to our Ayurveda Spa!

Classic Massages

  • Head massage 30 minutes 19€
  • Head, neck & shoulder massage 45 minutes 25€
  • Back massage 45 minutes 29€
  • Full-body massage 60 minutes 35€
  • Aroma full-body massage 90 minutes 50€
  • Foot massage 30 minutes 13€

Beauty treatments at UTMT

  • Facial beauty treatment 60 minutes 35€
  • Anti-aging facial treatment 60 minutes 45€
  • Manicure 60 minutes 22€
  • Pedicure 60 minutes 28€
  • Manicure & Pedicure 120 minutes 45€
  • Body scrub sea salt 60 minutes 39€
  • Body scrub Coconut and coffee 60 minutes 45€
  • Body wrap 60 minutes 33€
  • After Sun Treatment with Aloe Vera 40€

Signature Packages

  • UTMT Heaven 90€
    Synchronous full-body massage, facial treatment with massage - 70min
  • UTMT Detox-Rejuvenation Package 89€
    Full-body treatment with peel and wrap, and herbal steam bath - 150min
  • UTMT Back Pain Package 50€
    Aromatic back massage and herbal steam bath - 65min
  • UTMT Jetleg Eliminator 53€
    Synchronous joint massage with Ayurveda stamp massage and inhalation - 90min
  • UTMT Beauty Package 55€
    cosmetic facial treatment with manicure and pedicure - 140min
  • UTMT Ayurvedic Experience 120€
    Full-body massage with herbal oils, head massage with Shirodara - 120min incl.Ayurveda lunch

Ayurveda SPA Packages

120 min-long, incl. Ayurveda lunch

  • Ama releasing Abhyanga 120€
    especially for stress problems and sleeplessness – head massage, joint massage, Pindasweda, foot massage
  • Pitta Pacifier 120€
    this treatment soothes the soul and provides long-lasting relaxation - Shirolepa, Abyanga, wet Udwarthana, herbal body pack and facial wrap
  • Kapha Stimulator 120€
    allow yourself to be pampered and have your energy stimulated – head massage, inhalation, formentation, dry Udwarthana, herbal steam bath
  • Vata Comforter 120€
    especially for dry skin and circulatory problems – hand massage, full-body massage, herbal steam bath, wet Udwarthana, and herbal bath

UTMT Pool Day - unwind completely at the UTMT pool and beach

  • Includes use of a UTMT-Beach Bag, a UTMT-Beach Towel as well as a locker.
  • One pair of UTMT flip-flops free to take home with you.
  • If you book SPA treatments in addition to your stay, you can also make use of our cozy kimonos.
  • Per adult Euro 30,00, children free up to 12 years
  • Reward: If you spend Euro 60,00 at the spa or book a cooking course, your Pool Day is included at no extra charge.
  • For reservations:
    Tel.: +94 41 2030300 und

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Our Accomodations

Double room

Between mangroves and palm trees.

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Pool Room

Between mangroves and palm trees.

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