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7 nights with detox program per person

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Intensive detox therapy with Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Detox week

Do something good for yourself...

Detoxing can do more than make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow – it can boost energy levels, improve digestion and help shift a few unwanted kilos, too.

The UTMT offers a detox package under doctor’s consultation accompanied by intensive Ayurveda treatments, helping you to achieve personal aspiration for a healthy equilibrium.

Discover the diet program and experience sustained weight loss with targeted detoxing measures and treatments combined with gentle exercise. These help expel toxins and waste material from your body – within a short time you will feel truly unburdened and find new lightness, vitality and mobility.

The program starts with a consultation, includes various Ayurveda treatments, daily yoga and meditation as well as the UTMT Signature Detox Cuisine with Ayurveda accents targeted for weight reduction – combining the findings of modern nutritional science with the ancient wisdoms of traditional dietary forms.

from € 1,260.00

7 nights with detox program per person

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AyurDetox – intensive

According to your needs and after doctor’s approval you can now add up to three days of juicing into your program, too.

Please note that those days will not be offered separately as it is our responsibility to help you lose weight in a very conscious manner.

Your diet is created in a way that it contains hardly any grains, no alcohol, no processed sugar – a detox however is far from a quick fix for weight loss. The purpose of any detox plan is to take the load off the organs that detoxify the body – the liver, kidneys and bowel – while at the same time supporting and improving their performance. If you want to fast track your health, give your body a break, or just want to detox diet for a short time…


Detoxify! Rejuvenate!

Detox program

Here is an overview of what is included in your package:

  • Consultation & pulse diagnosis
  • Determination of dosha type
  • UTMT signature Detox cuisine which may or may not include up to three juicing days according to your constitution and the doctor’s approval
  • Udwarthana – herbal powder massage & wrap
  • Virechana – day of purification
  • Nabi abhyanga – special abdominal massage
  • Steam bath
  • Ushnodaka – hot water & ginger drinking treatment
  • Herbal detox teas

Further treatments depending on the length of the package as well as doctor’s approval:

  • Abhyanga – full body Ayurveda massage with oil
  • Shirodhara
  • Further Ayurveda massages

For additional pampering and feel-good effect:

  • Facial cosmetic with natural Sri Lankan products
  • Sea salt scrub
  • Clay herbal cocoon wrap
  • Herbal bath

Accompanied by:

  • Ayurveda medicine
  • Physical workout depending on your body type
  • Ayurveda-yoga and meditation


Prices for 1 person staying in a double room including all taxes


1 manicure or pedicure

or 1 Temple Meditation with our Guru Mr.Garvin on Saturday


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