A love affair

The Hollmann Family and Paris

Paris, made by Hollmann

“This residence – unfortunately, others still insist on calling it an apartment – has fulfilled a dream of ours. In the middle of Paris, a wonderful old house, which we saved from the jaws of decay, those tall rooms and windows … this wasn’t merely some fixer-upper, we felt a true sense of duty. Whatever we did, it had to be good. Parisians differentiate between bourgeois and citoyens … the deeply rooted sense of elegance we are privileged to enjoy here, we owe very much to the soul of this city. Or, put more simply: Reside, live here for just a few days and, without having to resort to words, you will instinctively know the precise meaning of savoir vivre.”
”Opening yourself up to this city is almost a form of therapy in its own right”, adds Petra Hollmann. “That also has a lot to do with this particular residence. It demanded everything we could give. Absolutely crazy, taking on an adventure like this. Now it has become the epitome of our Paris. As mind-bogglingly unique as the entire city …”


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Our residence in Paris

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