Saved from decay

The history of the house

... this wonderful old house

When Petra and Robert Hollmann first stepped inside the apartment at Quai d’Anjou, they almost turned right around on their heels. It was a dump that hadn’t been lived in for decades, completely desolate. The parquet had rotted away, a few ragged remnants of carpet remained – and yes, even in the bathroom … hard to imagine anything could be done with it. Crazy to even consider … but on the other hand – this location, this wonderful old house … Hollmann wouldn’t be Hollmann, aka #crazyforyou, if he would allow something like that to intimidate him. The ensuing renovations took us down to the very foundations, since they had also weathered damage inflicted by floodwaters of the River Seine. Hollmann went all out, ultimately creating this gem of a residence, contemporary in its structure and comforts, rooted in traditional Parisian residential architecture, accented by designer pieces and works of art – stylish enough to be mentioned and lauded in acclaimed magazines.

Our Mozart Room

When Hollmann discovered a small separate room, he spontaneously told his wife: “This will be our Mozart Room!” Needless to say, we were quite taken aback when we began chatting with our neighbors at Hôtel Lambert: They informed us that, on one of his journeys to Paris, Wolfgang Amadeus had actually stayed and composed right here … and it is quite possible that his 31st symphony, the “Paris”, was indeed penned within these walls.
Apropos Hôtel Lambert: In the 19th century, the Polish government-in-exile resided in this magnificent city palais. Not only did they write a few chapters of European history there, they also became a vibrant center of art and culture.

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