From A for Aperol to Z for Zweigelt

Delectable Service

Full-Fridge Service

Your every wish is our command. From A for Aperol to Z for Zweigelt, from B for bacon to Y for … well, enough of that, you get the picture. What we are really trying to say is:
We will “prepare” the fridge however you wish and before you arrive. With everything certain to quench your thirst and soothe your grumbling tummy. A personal selection of foods and drinks that you can order ahead of time – for delectable indulgence all holiday long.

The Pantry

So, your fridge will be “ready for action” by the time you walk through the door. Needless to say, we are also happy to provide a similar service with respect to your pantry. Though in this case, with a slight difference: the exceptional assortment of products, such as our special coffee, Carinthian bee honey, Darbo jams, honey vinegar, olive oil, liqueur and much more have been pre-selected for you to pick and choose from, and purchase just as you might from a minibar – to enjoy immediately.

PS: Our delivery service is also ready to leap into action for our little two- as well as four-legged guests (with baby food and pet food).

„Taste-Bud Teasers“

Fresh breakfast rolls – with a twist

A former Formula One driver and airline entrepreneur, Nicki Lauda’s business model became synonymous with the motto “Service is our success”. A motto we have unashamedly adopted, too, not least when it comes to our fresh-daily breakfast rolls. You see, the smells that waft from the “surprise drawer” in the pantry are beyond exquisite. Though hardly “surprising” when you come to think of it since, each and every day, the local baker shovels in there what he has just pulled out of his blazing oven during the wee small hours – that is to say, fresh bread, rolls and many a sweet temptation. Always tailored to your wishes, naturally. Rest assured, freshness will never need to cross your mind again.#crazyforyou


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