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Paris,made by Hollmanns.

“It always had to be Paris!”, says Robert Hollmann, who has always been madly in love with this metropolis on the Seine. And even though she is a physician, wife Petra also succumbed to the same infection without a fight. This globetrotting family knows the world, has lived in Sri Lanka for years, operates exquisite holiday residences and places of enjoyment in Vienna, Trieste, on the Turracher Höhe and the Indian Ocean – yet Paris has always occupied a special place in their hearts.

Originally a confectioner and cook by trade, and having familiarized himself with the inside of renowned kitchens around the world, he loves Paris not least because of its culinary magic. The actor likewise treasures Paris as a fervently vibrant cultural capital. This globetrotter is infatuated with the openness of Paris, where the world meets for a rendezvous yet the city preserves its unmistakable idiosyncrasies. Its regularly virulent anarchy. The pride in its own greatness. The creative chaos of a megalopolis.

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The difference that makes a big difference: luxury residence or hotel room? Paris feels very different depending on if you live here feeling at home like a Frenchman, or if you merely lodge here like a tourist. Robert Hollmann and his family love Paris. They always have. That’s why it simply had to be a spacious residence. A declaration of love. A “pied à terre”, a personal piece of home, which passionate world explorers are always inclined to create for themselves wherever they are drawn.

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