Around the World in 80 Days:

Our bonus programme for guests

Who doesn’t know what is probably the most exciting story Jules Vernes ever wrote. A bet that resulted in a breathtaking race against time and a journey around the world. We love a good story – and this one in particular. Especially as it matches up with who we are 1:1. Basta. That’s also why we chose it as the title of our guest bonus program: it’s simple and invites you to discover the worldwide Hollmann experience for yourself.

This is how it works

Within 80 days of your first Hollmann stay, make a booking for a future stay at another Hollmann destination and receive a 10% discount on that stay. Book again within 80 days and the next time you will be looking at a 15% discount. For your 4th destination your rebate will be 20%, which rises to an incredible 30% for the grand finale...

All’s well that ends well

And as so often with us, the best part comes at the end. Or is it actually a new start? No matter how you see it, one thing is certain: After your stay at our 5th Place of Enjoyment, you will become a member of Hollmann’s “Jules Verne Club”. With some quite nice benefits – exclusively for you. These include: * A lifetime 20% discount on your bookings (outside the respective main seasons) in all our accommodations. That’s great, isn’t it? * A variety of attractive benefits and services for regular customers in each destination. Pretty cool. * You can use all these benefits with the personal benefit card that will be sent to you.

Note – very important for the smooth processing of your bonifications: “When talking, people come together,” we often say in Austria. Therefore, we would like to ask you to please tell us at the time of your reservation that you intend to participate in our bonus programme for guests.

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